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best golf shoes for flat feet

5 best golf shoes for flat feetIf you are tired of being in pain during your round of golf, then here are our top 5 best golf shoes for flat feet recommendations.

Having flat feet can make any activity with walking more painful than it should be. Golf is a great sport for people of all ages to get out and walk for some exercise, but it should not be more painful than it is fun. If you have the common problem of having flat feet, do not worry this article is here to help.

There are so many ways to combat this issue and with it being such a common problem, the golf world has adapted to help as well. There are some things you will need to know prior to purchasing the shoes as to what to look for.

Once you understand how the shoes work and how they will benefit you, we can begin talking about the five best golf shoes for flat feet. For now, we will start by talking about the main things to look for when buying shoes.

What Should I Look for When Buying Golf Shoes for Flat Feet?

 The main thing to look for when finding shoes that will be the best fit for you is having the proper fit and support. This goes for anyone regardless of whether you are trying to find a shoe for flat feet or not. When you start trying out the shoes we recommend, prioritize comfort, and feel.

The most comfortable option may not necessarily be the cheapest shoe, but I bet most players would be willing to pay an extra forty or fifty dollars for consistently pain-free rounds. To ensure a proper fit for flat-footed shoes, look for a wide size. A wider shoe not only makes it more comfortable, but they are made to support the arch of a person with flat feet.

Also, try to find shoes with midsoles as they too benefit flat feet. The proper fit is so important that data suggests golfers play six to twenty-one percent better when wearing shoes fit for them. Remember, for golf shoes for flat feet specifically focus on a wider shoe with a midsole.

What are the Five Best Golf Shoes for Flat Feet?

The short answer comes in the following list, with no particular order: (All Paid Links)


Of course, each shoe has its own pros and cons, so we will discuss each shoe in greater detail, starting with the New Balance Minimus Tour Waterproof golf shoes.

New Balance Minimus Tour Waterproof Golf Shoes

Now New Balance certainly is not well known for their golf shoes, but with two pairs on this list, they are certainly worth a further look. Now from a quick glance, they do look pretty cool with a white, blue, and black look. Although you will need to keep them clean to maintain this great look. Now besides the looks, the shoes feel perfect from the second you put them on.

(paid link)

As long as you size your foot properly, the shoes will fit perfectly from the get-go. They are also one of the most balanced and lightest golf shoes that money can buy. Now, this is a spikeless shoe, so you are traded a little bit of traction for comfort here but it will still get the job done on the course.

A little extra comfort will most likely benefit your score way more than slightly better traction, although that is just my personal opinion. You may have never heard of this shoe before, but it is becoming a more popular shoe in the golf industry due to its comfort qualities.

In addition to the extra comfort, these shoes are also quite inexpensive. The price range is from sixty to one hundred and twenty dollars, so it is relatively cheap and a great option for all. Overall, this is a great shoe for people with flat feet due to its added comfort and low price.

FootJoy Contourfit Golf Shoes

Now, these shoes are not as visually appealing as the New Balance shoes, but they will still get the job done for you. Although something they have over New Balance, which is their DynaFlex outsole. The outsole is soft and thicker, which is designed to cradle your foot and to provide a locked-in fit with more cushion.

(paid link)

The shoe also comes with waterproof technology which is certainly useful on the course whether it is in the rain, or during early morning on the course. In addition to all of these great features, the shoe fits perfectly right out of the box with no extra time needed to break it in.

One of the best features of these shoes is the DynaFlex section on the outside of the soles. These grooves allow ultimate flexibility on the shoe and let your feet flex freely with each and every step.

Now even with all of this technology and innovation, these shoes cost even less than the New Balance shoes discussed above. The FootJoy shoes only cost fifty dollars on average, which is like nothing compared to a lot of other golf shoes on the market.

Besides those golf shoes do not even help with flat feet, they are just designed with the average golfer in mind. For the amount of comfort and value of the shoes, you cannot go wrong with the FootJoy Contourfit golf shoes.

Adidas TOUR 360 Knit Golf Shoe

The first thing I notice about this shoe is the price. It is the most expensive option of the five we have mentioned today. Although do not let that be the deciding factor, because there are always some extra features behind the price. Now although this is a negative first impression, it does look the coolest out of the group, with either the all white or all black, as well as many other colors.

(paid link)

The knit piece of the shoe is what makes it look better than the rest, as it gives off those comfortable vibes from the second you look at it. It uses Climastorm technology to make the shoe breathable to wear, as well as making it waterproof.

Now, this shoe is great for people with flat feet, because the knit technology solidifies the stability of the foot with a secure fit and adds extra cushioning, comfort, and support. It also makes the shoe lighter and more comfortable.

The materials in general make the shoe much lighter than all other options today, but it is also why it costs more. In general, this shoe is full of great technology, great materials, and a great look, but comes with an increased cost to make up for all of its excellent features. It is up to you to decide how much money your comfort is worth, and if the other options on this list will work for you or not.

New Balance Striker Waterproof Golf Shoe

These shoes are around the middle of the pack in price but are made of a different material than most of the other options on this list. The Striker shoe is actually made of leather compared to the synthetic materials that make up the other shoes. Although this shoe also utilizes two different soles to help people with flat feet.

(paid link)
It uses a REVlite midsole which allows for lightweight cushioning and premium responsiveness. At the same time, it uses an exoskeleton outsole which allows the shoe to move with the natural motion of your foot. It also has spikes compared to the other New Balance shoe that we discussed earlier.

It does have a nice red and black finish, but there is nothing really special about this shoe compared to the rest in my opinion. It is really just another option for you to be aware of and try on whenever you are looking for a golf shoe. Just look out for the New Balance Striker Waterproof golf shoe whenever you are out on the market.

Adidas Adizero Sport II Golf Shoe

(Currently out of stock)

From a first glance these shoes appear to be the dad shoes of golf, looking similar to the classic all-white New Balance shoes you see many old people wearing, no offense intended. Although they are available in more colorful options, which do not look as good either.

Similar to the other shoes, they provide lightweight performance and an outsole for extra stability. The shoe is spikeless which is for enhanced flexibility and comfort. To make up for the missing spikes, they added extra traction so no stability is lost.

Unfortunately similar to the New Balance Striker golf shoe, this shoe does not seem to be too special either. It really is just another option for shoe buyers to be aware of.

What is the Best Golf Shoe for Flat Feet?

After doing some thorough research and understanding what features work best for people with flat feet, my personal recommendation is the Adidas TOUR360 Knit golf shoe. It does look the best out of all the options, but it does have a lot of great features as well.

Now I did say this choice costs the most, but I believe that everlasting comfort is worth a few extra dollars. So if I was purchasing the shoe I would go with the Adidas TOUR360 Knit golf shoe.   (paid link).

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