Best Degree Wedge For Chipping Around The Green-Bin Your Lob Wedge

best wedge for chipping around the green

best degree wedge for chipping around the green

So what is the best degree wedge for chipping around the green? In my opinion, it’s not your 60-degree lob wedge, and here’s why.

Unless you are Phil Mickelson, I would suggest that when it comes to chipping around the green, drop this club. The more loft you use, the more risk you are bringing into play.

All too often people do not even assess the situation presented in front of them and just grab the lob wedge without even thinking.

How many times have you tried to chip your 60-degree wedge around the green and end up with your ball a couple of feet in front of you?

I’m going to breakdown a simple method that will shave numerous shots off your scorecard in no time. This will take a little practice and time to get used to. But believe me, it will be well worth it.

Choose The Correct Club To Chip With

Even though this blog post is called the best degree wedge for chipping around the green. I’m going to give you a few options here to work with.

So we have established that the 60-degree wedge is out of the equation, so let’s go with a wedge that you have that is around the 50-degree mark.

I personally have a 54-degree wedge but if you have something of a similar degree hat will do fine.

The other club that I highly recommend is your pitching wedge as I feel you get far better results with a pitching wedge than a more lofted club.

Before we go any further, let me just say that a change in your chipping loft will take a little time to get used too but it’s going to benefit you in the long run.

The golf ball will come off a little hotter and lower than you will be accustomed too so just be prepared for that to happen.

Is Your Wedge Forged Or Cast?

The reason why I ask this is that depending on your club is forged or cast will make a slight difference.

If you use a cast iron it’s going to be hotter and feel a bit firmer. If you use a forged club it, in turn, will be softer and you may need to apply more speed to your chipping.

No matter which you use, there is no wrong or right. It’s just a case of getting used to what wedge you use.

Best Grip For Chipping Around The Green

Some people like to use a strong grip and others like to use a weak grip. I think that you will chip for better if you use a traditional putting grip for all of your greenside chipping. The reason why follows next.

Chip Like You Putt

When you use more of a putting stroke whilst chipping, you take so many variables out of the chipping stroke and everything starts to become so much easier.

You will be swinging very much like a putting stroke. yes, the arc will be a little longer but it’s the same feeling and that’s what you want to achieve.

Set up & Stance For Chipping Around The Green

So keeping on the theme of putting, you are going to set up to the golf ball much like you are about to make a putt.

Set up with a narrow stance with the ball in the center of your ankles. stand tall just like you are putting but learn your weight ever so slightly to your left side (opposite if you are left-handed).

Do not lean too far over, I would say 60/40 is a good weight distribution to go by, but you will find what works best for you.

Stay Relaxed Through The Chipping Stroke

The worst thing that you can do is tense up and rush your chipping stroke.

We have put all of these fail-safe techniques in place now let’s not ruin it all by getting to tense over the ball. Clear your mind and trust the process as I’m sure you’ll find out in no time at all it works so well.

Keep your grip pressure light and watch the golf ball pop up and release out to the pin. You will start to get bags of confidence very quickly. If you do not see improvement in your chipping, you are doing something wrong.

So let’s run through the process again and get this dialed in.

  • Select a club with less loft than your lob wedge
  • Set up to the ball just as you would for a putting stroke
  • Learn your weight to your forward foot 60/40
  • Light grip pressure and stay relaxed
  • Smooth chipping stoke without rushing or get all jerky
  • Get dialed in with how fast the ball comes off the face
  • Get used to how far the ball rolls out to how much air time it has


Give Your New Chipping Technique Time

As with all changes to your golf game, you are going to need some time and practice to groove your new chipping style in.

But just remember that your best wedge for chipping around the green is not going to be your 60-degree lob wedge.

Please trust the steps taken above and I know that you will be leaving your ball all but a few feet from the pin. if you put in the time and practice, you will start to be deadly around the greens.

Enjoy taking the money off your playing partners!


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