Best Golf Putting Tips To Stop You From Ever 3 Putting Again

best golf putting tips to stop you from 3 putting
Do you want to know the best golf putting tips that actually work? I’m going to give you 3 great putting tips and drills thatbest golf putting tips actually work and will shave strokes off your score in no time.
With just a little practice throughout the week, you’ll be draining puts like crazy if you put these putting tips into action.
the key here is you can go to your golf course and practice on the putting greens or you can practice in the comfort of your own home.
All of these putting tips I’m going to share with you really do work, with just a little bit of effort you can improve your putting in no time at all.

Improve Your Putting Distance Control

the speed or pace of your putt is so so important to your putting. Controlling the speed or pace of your putts is going to be a massive help in stopping you from three-putting.
The biggest cause of three-putting is controlling the speed of your golf ball, if you’re hitting your first putt way short or miles past the hole, you’re always going to be in that 3 putt territory.
If you hit your first putt short and have a long put your second, this is not good and this is when the nerves kick in and you’re probably going to miss that putt. Then you will be three-putting and we don’t want that!
On the other hand, if you send your first putt miles past the hole, you’ve got a real knee knocker coming back to the hole, and most of the time you’re probably going to miss it, we’ve all been there.
So for your first putting tip, I want to teach you speed control. If you’re doing this at home just get some golf balls and stand one end of your living room, lounge, or your bedroom it doesn’t matter.

Practise Putting To An Object

Pick out an object and start making putts towards that object.  You’ll soon get it to feel of the pace that is required, this is essential for controlling the pace of your putts and stopping those awful three-putts from happening.
Make sure that you are varying the distances of the putts, don’t get used to one distance, by keep hitting that same put all the time. You need to vary your distances and your practice to improve in this area of putting.

Hole More Of Your Putts From Inside Of 5 Feet

The next one of my best golf putting tips I’m going to give you is my absolute favorite just by doing this will make you an absolute assassin inside of 5 feet.
This putting tip will require you to buy a thin metal ruler, you can find a link to them here on Amazon.
These metal rulers do not cost a lot at all so don’t worry, this piece of equipment is absolutely essential for you holding your puts inside of 5 feet.
Your objective here is to make puts along this metal ruler and not have the ball wobble off it.
This may seem a simple task, but it is very hard to keep the ball on the ruler and do it consistently.
Once you start to control your putter face and make pure putts along the metal ruler you will be putting such a pure stroke on the ball and the ball Will be rolling end over and perfectly every time.
If you can putt golf balls along this metal ruler and keep them on it consistently, this will absolutely send your putting into a new level, especially within 5 feet. (The credit for this putting drill goes to golf sidekick)
so when you’re next on the golf course and you have a tricky put within 5-feet you are no longer going to feel fear and anxiousness about it, you know that you are going to hole this putt. Just watch your mindset change in a very short space of time.

Taking It To The Golf Course

With these two best golf putting tips I’ve given you, there is one more piece of the puzzle.
Please make sure that you practice your putting before the beginning of every round.
Before you start your round the golf, go to the putting green with your putter and about 3 balls.
Do not aim for any holes, just start by making putts to the edge of the fringe so you’re not too focused on an exact target, you’re just getting the feel of the speed of the greens, this is critical to stop three-putting.
Start from one edge of the green and strike your balls to the other side, if you can consistently get your balls to stop just short of the fringe of the putting green you are dialing in your speed control.
Next, I want you to stand about 3 to 4 ft away from the hole and then start making putts. The more putts you can get to go in the hole, the more confidence this will give you.
This will give you confidence over those nasty short ones that you’re going to face around the golf course.
With the practice you have been putting in with the metal ruler during the week, you’re going to feel so much more confident over those tricky putts and I promise if you keep up with these putting tips you will hole so many putts you might even surprise yourself.
so please do me a favor and use these best golf putting tips to improve your putting.
Like I said earlier with a little practice these putting tips will send your game to the next level.

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