Claw Putting Grip benefits – Is it Right For Your Short Game?

the benefits of the claw putting grip

So you want to know the claw putting grip benefits and why so many PGA tour players are embracing the claw grip into their putting routine.

I’m going to show you why you need to at least give this putting grip a look, although it may feel strange at first, this could be your answer to sinking more putts and getting your distance control dialled in.

Take Your Dominant Hand Out Of Your Putting Stroke

Depending on your dominant hand being left or right. You use this hand the most in every day life, so this hand is stronger than your other hand.

claw putting grip benefits
Claw Grip With My Superstroke Putter Grip

Now I know this is not rocket science but in the putting stroke your dominant hand will actually be your worst enemy if you cannot control it under pressure.

When you are under pressure, your dominant hand will take over and controlling long putts can be really difficult. For me I will send my golf ball a mile past the cup because my right hand takes over.

So as the round goes on I get nervous about hitting putts way by the hole and in turn I start leaving them way to short. Sound familiar?

By taking your dominant hand out of the putting stroke you can dramatically improve your speed control of the golf ball. This will help you leave your lag putts so much closer to the cup and in turn this will take the pressure off your short putts.

The claw putting grip will also be a massive help to your putts with in short range.

Claw Putting Grip For Short Putts

Now This is where I have personally seen the biggest improvement to my putting stroke. On short putts my right hand was giving me nightmares.

I would push and pull putts, knock them a mile past the hole. This would put so many demons in my head that it got to the point where I would be nervous just standing over a 1 – 2 foot putt!

I’m serious, that’s how bad it got.

Now I feel so much more confident standing over short putts and I have the feeling that I’m going to hole everything! now I know that I wont hole everything all the time, but at least I’m no longer scared of those knee knocker putts that we all get.

Use The Claw Grip To Beat Your Playing Partners

I guarantee you this, when you get onto the 1st green of the day and you and your playing partners all get ready to take your putt this will happen.

Claw Putting Grip

You are going to get sigh comments about your new putting grip, your playing partners are all of a sudden become qualified pga pros and tell you why that putting grip will not work or last.

You are going to get everything but the kitchen sink thrown at you (if your partners are anything like mine). But you need to block it all out and stick to your new putting routine because I can guarantee you that if you stick to the claw grip you will start to see the benefits in no time at all.

You playing partners will soon stop laughing and you will be taking all of the money.Claw Putting Grip Benefits Recap

Claw Putting Grip Benefits Recap

So let’s finish by quickly going through the benefits of using the claw putting stoke.

  • Takes the tension out of your right hand
  • More solid over short putts
  • Distance control improves
  • puts a better role on the ball
  • start to sink way more putts especially from 10 feet in

So I hope that you put the claw grip into play and see the benefits from it. All I say to you is give it time as it will feel strange at first.

But if you stick with it and let the stoke go from feeling strange, then feeling natural. I know that you will see the claw putting grip benefits in no time.

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