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is it worth buying an expensive putter

Does An Expensive Putter Make A DifferenceWhen it comes to golf, everyone knows the smallest things can make a big difference. If one of your clubs has an imperfection, you’ll notice. The design, weight, length, and balance can make or break your game.

But does an expensive putter make a difference? Is price a determining factor in how the putter performs? I’m often told my putter is old and no good, should I change it up?

From a psychological standpoint, the answer is yes. Some people equate expense as “better” which transfers to your mind when playing.

But it’s more about the putter’s ability to make perfect strokes with consistency. If you have confidence in your equipment, you’re unlikely to make an error.

What Makes; Determines a Good Putter

Once you strike the ball, if it skids, it can cause the ball to fall away from the line you intended it to follow. Even if it is airborne, then bounces and skids, you will have the same problem.

You want the ball to roll smooth, straight, and immediate. This is why putter loft is so important. While the ball sits on the green, it pushes into the grass, making a depression due to its weight.

Loft lifts the ball for a smooth, unimpeded roll. Your putter will have to have some loft to it to lift the ball. If it doesn’t, it will pinch and get knocked off the line you intended.

So, you want your putter to be exact with its loft. Anywhere from three to six degrees is the appropriate angle. If the loft if is right on point, you will make a good stroke with accuracy.

The Benefit of Expensive Putters

Usually, putters with a higher price tag will have decent heft, a good grip, and a beautiful balance. This is all designed so the target squares to the face.

Expensive putters tend to feature precise lofts and manufacturers anticipate players’ need for it. Some putter faces have designs intended to start the ball rolling too.

Costly putters offer customization to fit the size and height of the player as well as how the player executes strokes. Some people swing more and others go for the straight back-and-forth. All factors making a noticeable and positive impact on your game.

Take yourself and preferences into the utmost awareness when getting your putter customized. Include things like the surface you usually play on, your body height, arm length, how you make strokes, and how you like the putter’s feel.

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Other Putter Considerations

Know that because you spend beaucoup bucks, you’ll become a rock-star golfer overnight. As the saying goes, “practice makes perfect.”

Now, you don’t want to go all cheap on your putter either. Remember, this is the club that’s going to get a lot of use, so you will want to invest in it.

Super inexpensive putters in the $10 to $50 range may be suspect in the kinds of materials they contain. Above $100, the putter may have some decent features made with materials you can trust. Putters costing $300 or more will have high-quality materials. They will cater to specifics and offer specialized designs.

Another thing to mind, especially if money is an issue, is the weather. Rain, cold, and snow will make a difference during your golf game. If you often play in a cold or damp climate, invest in balls designed for these types of surfaces.

Less Expensive Can be Better

The truth is, although expense can make a difference, it’s not about the putter’s cost that’s going to make or break your game. It’s more about your psychology and mentality than anything.

You don’t actually have to spend a lot of money. It’s not required for you to do so. Believe it or not, there are some used putters out there that may end up being best for your game.

In reality, it’s about how the putter fits you and how you feel in handling it. Length, angle, loft, and swing are what’s going to determine your putting accuracy.

Regardless of price, rely on what you feel and think about the putter. If it catches your eye, feels good, and delivers great results, then the price doesn’t and shouldn’t matter.

A Putter is for a Lifetime

Although you aren’t required to have an expensive putter, do consider the fact that it’s the one club in your bag that will probably be with you for a lifetime. It’s not like drivers or woods, where you change them out every few years or so. Putters are usually forever because they don’t suffer as much wear-and-tear as other types of clubs.

There are some putters on the higher end redesigned from the more simple and basic types. This isn’t going to make a difference and not actually improve your game. But if you find one of these you happen to fall in love with and it makes you feel better using it, go for it!

If You’re Comfortable

Don’t change out your putter if you’re comfortable with it. If you can feel the shots on any green surface, either fast or slow, and it performs well for you, there’s no reason to get a new one. Chances are, the more expensive brands are going to feel like the one you’re using now.

Your putter should almost be an extension of yourself and having one that you are confident in using will make a difference in how you play the game and practice your putting drills.  It’s more about mentality and psychology than spiffy brands and high-end price tags. If it feels and looks good, use it! 

Having a putter is a matter of personal preference and individual taste. Don’t get a new one to compete with your buddies who have a larger leisure budget. That’s not what golf is about, but if you find an expensive or cheap putter and it looks and feels great to you, then get it.

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