Fastest Way To Improve Your Golf Game [Do This Tonight]

fastest way to improve your golf game

Let’s not mess about here, the fastest way to improve your golf game is to practice and hone in on your short game skills.

I see people getting so obsessed with their swing and how far they are trying to hit the ball when all you need to do is dedicate a set amount of time each week to your short game.

Only when you start to practice your short game skills is when you will start to see your scores tumble.

I know it’s maybe not as exciting as hitting your driver relentlessly down the driving range but ask yourself, where has that got you in the last few years?

So How Am I Going To Improve On My Short Game?

Even if you don’t have the time to get to the golf course and practice that’s ok, you can practice your chipping and putting at home.

You might be surprised at how much you can improve in your short game just by practicing in your living room or back garden.

Just by putting the next few tips, I’m about to give you into action, I know they will improve your golf game. You are going to have to put in the work if you want to improve your golf scores.

Short game is the key to lower scores, so let’s get started.

Practice Your Putting At Home

putting to improve short gameI like to improve my putting by using my putout pressure trainer  (paid link) most nights in my living room.

I see a massive benefit from using this putting device as it puts you under more pressure than you normally would be just stroking balls to an imaginary object and pretending that every putt goes in.

The putout pressure trainer gives you exact feedback on all of your putts.

This one short game practice routine alone could save you countless shots on the golf course, so get to work on your putting as this area of the golf game is where everybody can make massive improvements.

Learn To Control Your Short Chipping Stroke

Here is yet another vitally important part of your golf game that can save you a ton of shots and you can also practice this on at home (just don’t break anything)!

Again I like to do this in my living room but you could also go out into your garden for this.

At one end of the room lay down a cushion or if you have a putout pressure trainer that is perfect.

Get whatever club you feel the most comfortable chipping with and try to chip in as many balls as you can.

This will improve your putting in so many ways.

  1. Make you more confident at chipping in general
  2. You will quickly find out which club you are best at chipping with
  3. By focussing on holing out your chip shot, you get super dialed into the task
  4. The amount of shot you will save just by being a great chipper will shock you.

Why A Better Short Game Really Is The Key

improve by practicing chipping in golfI have seen it with my own eyes, on multiple occasions where I have been playing a round of golf with someone who doesn’t hit the ball a mile and quite honestly looks pretty rubbish at golf.

But then when they are on the edge of the green their game comes to life.

So many times I see these sorts of players get up and down with ease and leave me scratching my head thinking “how has this person just beat me so easily?

“It’s all in the short game people”


There we have it, if you really want to shoot better scores and improve your golf game then I suggest that you get to work on your short game skills.

I’m not going to bore you with all the old golfing cliches but I take it that you know what I mean by now?

If you start doing the above drills at night or even if you can get up early and just put in half an hour in the mornings that would be enough to start seeing so much improvement in your golf game.

Just give it time and don’t give up on your short game practice. As I think you are now aware of how powerful these putting drills and chipping tips are to your short game and scoring.

Now that you know what the fastest way to improve your golf game is, what are you waiting for?

Good luck!

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