How Many Times A Week Should I Play Golf To Improve?(Secret Tip)

How Many Times A Week Should I Play Golf To Improve

If you want to know how many times a week should I play golf to improve? You Need to read what I have in store for you. If you’ve been struggling with your golf game lately, you’re sick and tired of shooting high scores and want to know the secret to improving; I have the answer for you.

Golf is such a complex game; there are so many skills for you to learn and master. That’s why it’s so hard for you to shoot low scores in golf.

With the technology available to us and all the golf lessons on social media and on the internet, it becomes an absolute minefield for you to improve your game. With so much information at your disposal, it can become confusing and nowhere to turn, to get the right advice.

So please read the end of this article, where I’m going to give you two breakthroughs for your golf game that will help you improve your scores.


Does playing golf more make you better?


Playing more golf can help you improve your game, but you must understand that without good solid fundamentals and the correct technique and strategy for your golf game, you’re probably not going to improve.

You must develop a strategic game plan and a practice routine to improve your golf to lower your handicap.

As this is such a vast topic, I’m only going to go into two tips for you today to get your game on the right path.

I want you to concentrate on keeping the ball in play.

Instead of grabbing your driver on every par 4, why not go for your 5 wood or even a mid iron?

The main priority is to lower your scores, even if it means going with an iron off the tee or a 5 wood.

This can dramatically improve your scoring no matter how many times a week you play. If You implement these strategies, you will start to lower your scores.


How many rounds of golf to get good?


Like I said before, it’s more how you play, not how many times you play, that will improve your golf game. But if you want to know how many rounds of golf per week you need to play to get better, I would recommend a minimum of 2 rounds per week.

With all the people playing golf, the ones that improve the most and look the most confident when they are playing play a minimum of 2 rounds a week.

Playing a minimum of two rounds of golf a week will keep you reasonably Sharp and allow you to work on your strategy in which you plan your way around the golf course.

Please use these rounds that you play every week to improve the two tips that I’m going to give you next to improve your game. As I said earlier, the quality of your golf, not the quantity, is what matters. So if you can practise these two tips, I will give you. I know that you will lower your scores and drop your handicap.


Golf practice routine for beginners | Major, shot saving tip!


Ok, let’s get improving your golf game for you. I alluded to this tip earlier, but you need to know your game and, more importantly, the shot shape you always play.

I’m guessing most readers who read this blog will be playing with a slice or a power fade; if that’s the case, play to your shot.

Most golfers try to fight their slice or fade; they tee up their golf ball up on the right side of the tee box, aiming to hit the left-hand side of the fairway, when in reality, they just cut across the ball more and hit an even bigger slice or fade, this will destroy your round and scores.

If you do play with a slice or a fade, tee the ball up on the left-hand side of the Tea box and aim down the left-hand side of The Fairway. This will promote a better swing with less slice, and you will hit more Fairways if you stick to this method and do as I say.

Also, not hitting the driver on every par 4 and par 5 will drastically keep the ball in play. You don’t have to get the big stick out on every hole because, more often than not, it will get you into trouble, so please remember that when you are next playing.

Chip With Your 8 Iron (Secret Tip)


Now I want to give you probably my biggest shot-saving tip for you and the shot that will lower your handicap the most.

Why do you think ping and other major manufacturers in golf are bringing out chippers?

 It’s because high handicap golfers struggle the most with their short game, and the short game is the area in golf where you will make the most improvement and lower your scores.

If you do not have the money to buy a chipper, I highly recommend using an 8 iron around the green for all your short game chipping shots.

Grip down the shaft as if you were holding your putter, and make a rhythmic swing with a putting stroke.

So in effect, you are chip-putting around the Green; once you get a feel for this shot, you will be amazed at the shots you can pull off around the green, and the number of strokes you will save will drastically improve your game.

Please do not take this tip lightly; I promise you if you do this right, you will shave so many shots off your game that you will be shocked.


The 19th hole


There you have it. You wanted to know so how many times a week should I play golf to improve? But it’s more how you play golf to improve, yes it’s nice to play lots of golf every week some people only get the chance to play once a week, so it’s most important you practice in the right way in order to improve your scores.


Keep the ball in play; that is your first and foremost priority in golf; plot your way around the golf course, and when you miss the green, please, for the love of God, don’t grab your 60-degree wedge to chip around the Green.


Go for your 8 iron and use it and play it like you would your putter.

 It will change your short game forever. So you won’t have to feel crap when you come off the 18th Hole ever again, and you can feel great about your golf game knowing that now you can improve and turn yourself into the golfer that you desire to be.

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