How Much Can Golf Lessons Help?

How Much Can Golf Lessons Help?

How much can golf lessons help? Well, the proof is in the pudding.  As they say, practice makes perfect and having an instructor can’t hurt in the slightest if you want to get better at golf.

So, yes, lessons can help. But it ultimately comes down to you. Getting lessons can improve your grip, swing, posture, attitude, and self-confidence.

Deciding this will depend on your age, how much experience you have, and your determination backed by a will to succeed against all odds. Plus, a quality instructor can make all the difference in the world.


How old you are may determine whether getting a golf lesson will be worth it for you in the end.  These are not hard and fast rules as each individual is different.  Some have natural inclinations toward the game and yet others have to work at it more.

  • 4 and Younger – This is far too young of an age to start learning golf and parents should exercise discretion.
  • Under 18 – All children above four years old should get golf lessons the moment they show an interest in wanting to learn.
  • 18 and Older – This will depend on a couple of factors. If you’re a beginner, then golf lessons will be imperative. But if you played a lot in high school or do it often with buddies on the weekend, you may not need them so much.

How Much Can Golf Lessons Help_

Experience Level

How much experience you have will be a weighing factor in your decision to get lessons.  If you’re a beginner, then yes get lessons.  If you’re an advanced player, then lessons won’t be needed nearly as frequently as those just starting to play.


All beginners, at any age, should almost always have golf lessons. Unless you’re some freak of nature and have a natural inclination toward this sport, you should have a good instructor teach you the basics.

It will prevent you from developing bad habits down the road and you’ll learn how to be proper in holding clubs and hitting balls. Once per week or once every other week is good to start. Then move on once or twice a month, lessening the frequency as you progress.


If you’ve been playing the game for a while but are still in the earlier stages of play, getting a lesson once in a while can’t hurt. You may not need one as frequently as a beginner. But you could have a desire to smooth out any rough edges and clear up any difficulties you have when you play.

Getting a lesson once every couple of months or every six months or so should be enough. But if you are having repeated problems, then once every three months may be better.


Players who are frequent golfers, more than likely, played in high school and continued it well after graduation. You may do it on the weekends with friends or during business meetings.

Either way, you have more than a good handle on the game and know what you’re doing. Getting lessons at this stage will depend on how well you play.

If you lose a lot or your ball often lands in the hazard, then you should have lessons more than someone who can hit a birdie or an eagle with confidence.


Even the most seasoned pros take lessons once or twice per year unless you’re like Bubba Watson. He claims he’s never had a lesson in his life!

The Will To Rise Above

Learning anything new is always a frustrating experience riddled with mistakes and faux pas. You must be patient with yourself, practice often, and keep with it.

Don’t compare yourself to others and allow failures to be stepping stones to success. Allow any discouragement to be a motivator.

Good Instructors Are A MUST!

Having a lesson will be influenced by the patience and knowledge of your instructor.

Ensure they have many years of play under their belt with a good amount of teaching experience. They should make themselves approachable and have a friendly, welcoming demeanor.

But in the end, it all comes down to you. Sit down and determine your goals. What do you want to get out of golf? Where do you want to take it? How much education do you think you’ll need based on your experience and track record?

Taking lessons alone is not going to be gold on the green. you must practice and have confidence in yourself. Be willing to win against all the odds with hard work and practice.

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