How To Be A Consistent Putter In Golf!

How To Be A Consistent Putter In Golf

So you have been trying to figure out how to be a consistent putter but your putting stroke has been letting you down.

Putting is a fundamental skill in golf. However, it is often overlooked by most golfers, even low handicap players. They tend to pay more attention to smashing their driver down the range. However, a putter is the most used club in the golf bag so give it the respect it deserves.

How To Be A More consistent Putter

Mastering your putter could prove significant while on the course. The key is to practice. Additionally, the following tips will help you become a more consistent putter on the course;

1. Check The Ball Position At Setup

This is an essential tip on how to be a consistent putter. You need to always check the position of the ball before making a putt. This is especially important because of the arc of the putting stroke. However, if you are using a perfectly straight back, straight through putting stroke, you do not need to worry about the position of the ball. Try the following tips;

• If the ball is too far back in your stance, then the best thing would be to aim right
• If the ball is too far forward, then you need to aim left

Along with the position, you also need to check on the distance of the ball from where you are standing. Your length away from the ball determines how you aim. Note that if you stand too close or too far from the ball, it will affect the line of the ball that you see. It will also affect how you hit the ball.

Therefore, another way to ensure consistent putting is by standing at a distance from the ball. Make sure your hands are hanging in a comfortable position. This will help relieve the tension in the stroke. Combining this with the correct setup will help you achieve a consistent stroke every time.

2. Light Grip Pressure

The easiest tip on how to be a consistent putter is always to grip the putter lightly. Regardless of the style of grip, you are fond of, and you need to practice a light grip still. This is an essential key to a consistent stroke with the putter. All you need is adequate pressure to keep the putter from slipping between your hands, and you should be good.

3. Setup

Another crucial aspect of how to be a consistent putter is the setup. It would help if you had the correct setup to How To Be A Consistent Putter In Golfbecome a consistent putter. Without a proper setup, the chances are that you will most likely not succeed in putting a reliable roll on the ball. Therefore, you need to:

• Put the putter head in the center of your feet. Doing so will make sure you put the ball about ahead of the center.
• Next, get into a position where your eyes are directly above the putter. You can achieve this by extending both your arms out in front when you are holding the putter.

Then pull your arms into your side and lean over to let the putter fall on the ground. You can also test this by dropping another ball from your eye lead to the one near the hole. You will know you are in the right position of the ball lands on top of the one you want to hit. Doing so will help you see the line better and make consistent putts. It will also help you avoid distorting your viewpoint while aiming at the ball.

4. Rhythm And Tempo

You want to swing your putter back and forth through the ball. Do this by turning your shoulders slightly. Make sure you maintain a consistent rhythm and tempo. The role of rhythm and tempo in this aspect is to make sure you match the back and through the stroke to get a consistent stroke. You also need to maintain a constant rhythm for all your putts.

5. Length Of The Putter

The length of the putter determines the length of the shot. For instance, if you want to put the ball at a long distance, then you need to lengthen the putter. On the other hand, for a shorter length, you need a shorter putter. Altering the length of the putter gives you more control over the pace of the putter when it hits the ball.

6. Improve Your Putting Technique

You need to find a simple method to swing the putter in a consistent ark and strike the ball in the same face spot each time. Consider the following tips;

• Use the rotation of your shoulders around your neck because this creates the movement of the putter. It will help you create a consistent arc each time you hit the ball.
• Make sure your hands and arms are relaxed and quiet each time you hit a stroke. Note that any movement from your arms and hands may end up creating an inconsistency, and this is the last thing you need.
• Ensure the lower part of your body, your head, and neck are motionless when you are making a stroke. This will help prevent any form of inconsistency.
• Hold the club in your palm. This will ensure your forearms and the shaft of the putter are on the same plane. It will also make them work as a single unit and give you better consistency.
• Your shoulders need to be parallel to the line of the target, and the back of your neck should be a close horizontal. This will allow your shoulders to move up and down freely, allowing you to swing the putter in a straight line.
• Finally, do not try to manipulate the putter with your hands or arms if you want to keep your game consistent.

7. Practice

As the saying goes, “practice makes perfect.” Therefore, make a point to practice your distance control. Attempt putting the ball at different distances without necessarily aiming at a hole. Instead, aim the put along a straight lie set a distance away. Practicing your distance control with help you with good reads when putting during games. Ensure you practice on a straight line because it will help your aim become more consistent by training your eye.

It would also help if you practiced making short putts. Try distances from 4 feet or shorter. You can do this by arranging a set of at least three or five balls around on all sides of the hole. Proceed to putt each of the balls and try not to miss any. This should help you stop overthinking the short puts and become more consistent. It will also give you better distance control.

Note That:

The objective of any butting stroke should be to ensure the least moving parts as possible. Therefore, it would help if you kept it simple at all times. You also need to provide the path of the putter remains on the plane throughout the stroke. Make sure the putter face is square to the impact target line.

You can also become a consistent putter by coming up with a putting routine that you will use each time. An essential part of the routine would be to collect all relevant information about the shot. You can do this by walking around while awaiting your turn. Walk near the line from the hall so that you can feel the slope. It would also help if you chose a line and committed to it. The line will act as an aiming point, and it should be towards the side of the hole.

You can also take many rehearsal shots to help you visualize the ball as it goes into the hole and feel the energy needed. Doing so will help you determine the ideal speed. Afterward, you can set up your ball and take your shot.

Selecting The Right Putter For You

Choosing the ideal putter is an essential part of successful and consistent putting. You need to choose one putter and stick with it. Doing so will help you become comfortable with the club. It will also help you develop a grip and rhythm that works for you each time. The most popular style of putters is handheld. However, there are several options on the market recently, which are designed to increase consistency and limit misses. For instance, there is the belly putter. This one is held similarly to the regular putter. The difference is that it comes with a more elongate shaft with pivots at the belly. When choosing the best putter, consider different styles and try them out to see which one is the best and most comfortable for you to use.

Final word

Note that the work does not end when you hit the ball. Once you have hit your best stroke, you need to make sure everything is still. Do this until the putter stops, then you can watch the ball. Also, hold your position until the ball stops rolling. Any sudden and aggressive movements because they could affect the outcome of your strike.

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