How To Help Golf Blisters-No More Painful Golf

How To Help Golf Blisters

If you want to know how to help golf blisters, place antibiotic ointment on them and then a bandaid. Wrap the bandaid with golfers tape to ensure it stays. 

To prevent blisters, wrap your hands with waterproof golf tape before you golf and check to make sure your grip is correct.

How Does Golf Tape Help With Blisters?

Golf tape is a water-proof adhesive that adds a cushioned layered of protection to your hands to prevent the club from giving you blisters. 

Place the tape on your palm and fingers before taking your first swing. This tape is meant for golfing and therefore provides comfortable flexibility so that it won’t impede your game.

What Causes Golfers To Develop Blisters?

Developing blisters is not only painful but also annoying. Identifying what aspect of your golf game is causing you to develop blisters can help you prevent them from occurring. 

A few causes of blisters in golfers include:

  • Improper grip pressure
  • The wrong type of grips
  • Overworking your hands
  • Not keeping your hands dry

Improper Grip Pressure Is The Main Cause of Blisters

Most of the time when you develop blisters, it’s because you are gripping your club too tightly. Try loosening your grip and see if that helps.

How you are holding the club may also be a factor. Be sure that you have a correct, solid pressure form. If you are holding the club correctly and at the right pressure, it is very unlikely that you will develop blisters. 

Choose A Different Type of Grip

When it comes to the grip of your club, you need to choose one that works best for you. Certain grips can cause blisters more frequently than others. 

Try using a softer grip that has a cushioned feeling to it. 

Don’t Overwork Your Hands

If you like spending all day at the range or on the course, it’s possible that you are simply overworking your hands. Try limiting your golf time and see if that helps. 

Moist Hands Cause Blisters

It’s important to keep your hands dry on humid days. The moisture built up on your hands causes more friction while weakening your skin. 

How Do I Prevent Blisters Caused By Golf?

Blisters can impede your game, so here are a few ways to prevent them.

  • Use Golf Tape
  • Use golf chalk cream/powder
  • Use a comfortable grip
  • Make sure you hold the club correctly
  • Wear Gloves

You can find a multitude of products that are designed to keep your hands dry while on the course. Dry hands are less likely to blister, so go find golf chalk that works for you.

How Do Golf Gloves Help With Blisters?

Wearing a golf glove adds a cushioned layer of protection for your hand similar to how golf tape does. 

The glove also allows the golfer to get a proper grip on the club without having to apply too much pressure. A good glove will also help to wick moisture away from your hand and keep your club dry for a better swing

Golf gloves are also very flexible, so they are not likely to rub against your hands, rather they move with them.

Can Golf Gloves Cause Blisters?

If worn correctly, golf clubs help with blisters. However loose gloves cause your hand to rub against the fabric and may result in blisters.

Also, depending on where the seam of the glove is may result in you developing a blister from it. 

Make sure your glove fits correctly to ensure it properly prevents your blisters rather than cause them. 

How Long Will It Take For A Blister To Heal?

If properly cared for, your blister should go away within a few days. 

However, if you continue to apply too much pressure and friction to it without wrapping it, it can take two weeks or longer for it to heal. 

Should You Pop A Golf Blister?

You should not pop a golf blister because it is more likely to become infected that way. Leave the blister as it is and it will heal on its own. 

If you do pop the blister, be sure to clean it and put antibiotic ointment on it to prevent infection. Keep it covered while golfing or doing other activities to ensure it stays clean. 

Golfers Should Never Have Blisters

If all aspects of your form are correct and you are using the correct glove and grip, you shouldn’t experience blisters. 

If by chance you do, golf tape will help to keep them clean and cushioned so that they can heal faster and you can focus on your swing.

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