How to prevent swinging too hard in golf-3 Keys For More Consistency

how to prevent swinging to hard in golf

How to prevent swinging too hard in golf

If you are plagued with inconsistency in your golf game, you need to know how to prevent swinging too hard in golf.

Why Swinging Too Hard In Golf Is So Destructive

Now listen, I for years have tried to hit the golf ball with absolutely nothing held back.

I used to always go for the big shot.

Yep, it rarely works and it mostly gets you into a world of hurt.

Can Anyone Learn To Swing More Slowly?

stop swinging to hard in golf

Yes, they can! I’m going to tell you why you have to slow your swing speed down and how it helped my golf game. So if you want to get more consistent and improve your scores, keep reading.

As I said before, I was always getting into trouble with my golf swing. I have always been a good ball striker but consistency has never been my friend.

So How Did I Stop Myself Swinging Too Hard At The Golf Ball?

Well, after my playing partners constantly advising me I hit the ball too hard and I play too aggressive all the time. I took things to heart and decided to make a change.

So this change has taken me about three rounds to really feel comfortable with the swing changes needed.

There are three parts to this and do not jump to concussions and think what I’m about to say is too simple and will not work.

3 Steps To A More Consistent Swing

consistent golf swing

Step 1: take 1 club extra, i.e if you have 140 yards to the green and you usually hit your 9 iron. I want you to take 1 extra club and hit your 8 iron.

This doesn’t just go for shots into the green. It goes for all of your shots.

Step 2: swing with a really smooth temp. You’ve taken plenty of club so now you have to trust the process.

This is the part I struggled with at first. I was so used to hitting the living crap out of the ball when it came to taking mote club and swinging easy, I would give up and hesitate and hit a thin shot.

Once you get comfortable with the fact that the club will do the work and you do not have to smash the ball into oblivion. This works so don’t worry.

Step 3: keep a good balance and hold your finish. This ensures that you have made a smooth swing. if you lose your balance and stumble after you have hit the ball, you’ve swung too fast and hard.

Keep practicing these three steps and you will start to gain control of your shot shape and distance.

If you want to know how to prevent swinging too hard in golf, this is it and it works so well.

Just the other day I finally got this method grooved in and I shot my best score in years. So can you if you do those three simple things I said to do earlier.

Keys To A More Balanced Golf Swing

balanced golf swing

  1. Take 1 extra club
  2. Swing smooth and steady
  3. Hold your finish and stay in balance


Put these simple but effective steps into action and I know that you will see a big improvement in your golf game. In fact, it will also help your mental game too.

You will feel more at ease with your game and you will use way less energy not trying to hit the ball a mile all the time.

This breeds more confidence in your golf game and your scores will tumble. Mine have!

I hope this has helped you. Please give these changes time to feel natural, as like all changes it’s going to feel a little strange at first.

You will soon prosper from learning how to prevent swinging too hard in golf.

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