How To Stay Focused For 18 Holes Of Golf | Simple But Effective!

How To Stay Focused For 18 Holes Of Golf

You’re going to learn how to stay focused for 18 holes of golf. with this simple method, you’re going to learn the importance of keeping your concentration for the whole round of golf.

See how you can easily do this and vastly improve your scoring while staying in the moment at all times.

Why is concentration so important in golf?

Keeping your concentration in golf is vitally important as it can make or break your score card.How To Stay Focused For 18 Holes Of Golf

how many times have you been playing around of golf, only to lose concentration for a few holes and see that loss of concentration sabotage your score?

just by being aware of how important your concentration is during around of golf you will already be ahead of your playing partners as the mental side of golf is so important, you need to master this to get better at the game.

Improve your concentration in golf & Stay Focused

Now we have established how important the mind is and keeping concentration during a round of golf is, how are we going to do this?

Let’s start with the food and drink that you are consuming during a round of golf.

Instead of all the high sugar fizzy drinks and rubbish that you would normally consume within a round of golf, why not try swapping all of that junk food out for stuff like bananas, water, and high protein bars. Also nuts are a great substance to eat around the golf course.

The worst thing you can do is drink energy drinks and high sugar drinks like Coca-Cola etc. add to that chocolate bars, crisps and fatty substances like that is no good for your body and you’re going to get a big sugar high followed by a sugar low.

By eating slow-releasing foods with high amounts of protein, you are going to feel so much better come the end of the round of golf.

Staying focused while playing golf

So now that we have got your food and drink sorted out, let’s concentrate on how you’re going to stay focused for 18 holes of golf.

In a minute I’m going to give you a little game to play with your mind while you are playing. This is gonna make the game so simple and keep your mind fresh and active for the duration of 18 holes.

It’s going to seem simple but believe me, if you put this little trick into action you going to see massive results in your golf game and the way that you feel.

Splitting the round into sections

Ok so here we have the trick to stay focused for 18 holes of golf.

I want you to split the round-up into 3 holes at a time, just stay with me for a minute, I know this seems simple but you must try this.

By splitting the round-up into 3 hole segments you’re going to play a game with yourself. (not that sort of game!)

Try To Beat Your Last Score

Let’s say for the first three holes of the round you shot four over par for example, so the next three holes you’re going to try to better that score.

This is how you will carry-on for the whole round.

Even if you’re playing Stableford that’s great, you can do it with the points you are scoring. If you go through the first three holes with let’s say with 6 points then the next three holes you going to try and beat that school and so on and so forth, every three holes of the round of golf.

By breaking the round-up into tiny segments of 3 holes at a time you’re keeping your mind fresh and active. Your not playing a whole 18 holes all once, you are playing 3 holes at a time and this makes the game so much easier. You can keep your mind fresh and this allows you to keep your concentration for the full 18 holes of golf.

Keep Your Mind Sharp By Beating Your Previous Score

Another way this is great to stay focused for 18 holes of golf is that because you’re trying to beat your score from the previous 3 holes.

You’ll find that your attention will go away from your playing partners and just solely on you and your score.

This is great for not getting into mind games and antiques like that with your playing partners. They will be to busy trying to beat you and all the games that go with that, but in the end, they will not understand how to are still so sharp after 18 holes. Not to mention how good your score was today!

It will keep your mind solely focused on the job of beating the score of your last three holes.

Final Thoughts

So if you want to know how to stay focused for 18 holes of golf, you have to eat and drink the right products during the round of golf.

The second part is to break the whole round up into small segments of 3 holes at a time.

Please just focus on three holes at a time, this will make all the difference to your mental side of golf and your energy levels.

More importantly, what you all want to do is improve your score and I promise you, if you put this tip into action you will improve your score.

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