How To Stop Losing Concentration During A Round Of Golf

How To Stop Losing Concentration During A Round Of Golf

Learn How To Stop Losing Concentration During A Round Of Golf

Tips For Avoiding A Golfing Melt Down

Golf is a unique and exciting game in many aspects compared to all the other games. First, it is one of the most extended games to play (in terms of duration of play).
A round of golf can take up to five hours to complete. The game does not entail all that physical stuff like running and tackling in other sports like soccer, rugby, and boxing, to mention a few games. It only requires the players to have a cool head and a high concentration level to make it through all the 18 holes.

This may seem easy, but it’s a hell of a lot of work to maintain concentration for almost 4 to 5 hours. It’s no surprise to hear many golfers asking how to stop losing concentration during a round of golf.

Most careless mistakes that golfers make during a round of golf are mostly because of losing concentration. Armature golfers do not only make the careless mistakes, but even professional players make mistakes. In the end, the mental errors cost players several strokes on the scoresheet.

To master how to stop losing concentration during a round of golf, you need to have a well-planned routine that takes you throughout the 18 holes. Golf is all about having a sharp focus from the start to the end and never losing your mind at any moment.

Over every shot, you need to be mentally fresh and prepared. Let’s see some of the things you can do to maintain your concentration during a round of golf.

Be well rested the night before your round of golf

Getting a good night’s sleep before a game will ensure you remain fresh during the game. Since golf is a long game, getting tired due to lack of sufficient sleep can mess with your concentration and the quality of your game. If having a fresh mind is one of the winning strategies in golf, having a good night’s sleep will help significantly in not losing concentration.

Make Sure That You Have A Clear Mind

Maintaining your concentration for almost 5 to 6 hours can be very difficult. You need to have a calm and relaxed mind when you are in between shots as it will enable you to concentrate more during the shot routine, which is the only time you should be fully concentrating.

When you are in between shots, there are some thoughts you should keep off your mind entirely unless they are motivational like a good shot you have had, but let them not throw you off your game. It would be best if you do not think about your next shot, the score you aim to shoot, or other frustrating thoughts. To avoid losing focus and draining your mental energy, you should keep your mind clear of ideas that may cause anxiety and uncertainty.

Use The Environment And The Surroundings To Your Advantage

Noticing your environment can be a good distraction from your thoughts when in between shots. It can help you get rid of the mental clutter and bring some peaceful silence in your mind. At the same time, observing your surroundings helps maintain your concentration before the next shot.

The environment has a lot to offer golf players who want to keep calm and maintain concentration. For example, you can chat with the other players while walking and learn things to keep the pressure and thought out of your head. Listen to the sounds of the environment and even look around for exciting features.

Have A Well-Rehearsed And Straightforward Pre-Shot Routine

Having a clear pre-shot routine is one of the best tips for how to stop losing concentration during a round of golf. Straightforward pre-shot routines instill confidence in a player since one knows very well what he or she will do.

The straightforward pre-shot routine will enable you to put all your concentration and improve your focus on the shot, leaving no room for distracting thoughts in your mind. A standard shot routine narrows your focus and calms you down as you stand over the ball.

Practicing is the best way to give yourself something to concentrate and focus on and, at the same time, block the noise in your mind. You are more likely to lose concentration if you don’t know precisely the steps you are to take during the shot routine.

Learn To Keep Out The Noise In Your Head

The noise and distractions can be useful during the in-between shots period, but when it comes to taking the shot, you should zone all the noise out and entirely focus on the pre-shot routine, the ball, and how you are going to take the shot.

Learn How To Keep Your Emotions In Check

Golf can prove to be a very emotional and mental game, especially if you find yourself having one frustrating play after the other. Learning how to channel your emotions during a round of golf will enable you to both enjoy the game and have better scores during play.

It is very easy for your thoughts and emotions to carry you away when playing under high pressure. This will lead you to lose focus and concentration during the shots by instilling regrets, speculation, and stress.

Some of the ways which will help keep your emotions at bay are;

  • Don’t let the play stick in your head for too long. It is fine and normal to feel emotional when you’ve had a good shot or a bad one, but don’t be emotional for too long. Dwelling on mistakes is a sure way to lose concentration. You should regain your focus for the next shot and forget the previous events. Having an exact shot routine helps develop this mental discipline, ensuring you don’t lose your concentration.


  • Accept that you have had a bad shot and reduce the damage it has on your game. By doing so, you will focus on the next shot without thinking of the bad shot. Not acknowledging your mistake will make things worse as you try to pull off a miracle shot to make up for the poor game.


  • Stick to your well-rehearsed and clear shot routine. Don’t try to change how you shoot when you have had a bad shot. Changing your routine will only throw you off the technique you have developed. There is a high possibility that things might get worse if you change your tactics, which is not worth the risk.


  • Don’t let your ego take control of the game. Know when your ego is trying to make up for bad shots on certain holes as it might make things worse than they are. You should stick to the plans you have for each hole and control your emotions, even if you have a terrible game. The ability to tame your ego shows your mental discipline is strong, and you can quickly recover with a little bit of concentration.


  • Maintain your focus and discipline even if the game is not going the way you want it to be. It would be best if you do not let your emotions dictate it and make you lose concentration. Always emphasize the positives and use the set goals to improve shot after shot. Put more attention and focus on the round and avoid making careless mistakes.


Have Set Goals

You should set some realistic goals which are achievable and use them as your driving force. The goals should push you towards playing better and even aiming higher in the round. Also, having to focus on the set goals will keep hold of your concentration the entire game.

Getting a low score on an early hole hurts the confidence of many golfers. But coming up with goals to push you can give you an edge over the other players as you play the other holes.

Concentrate On How You Breath

Focusing on how your breath can have a huge impact when it comes to improving your focus and concentration. This is because oxygen helps the brain maintain focus and has some other advantages to the body, which help.

Focusing on your breath during a round of golf can help control stress response and lower the heart rate. Learning to focus on how you breathe also brings a sense of calmness to the body.

Parting words

Golfing is a game for both the young and the old. In the previous years, it was taken to be a rich man’s game, but in the past decade, it has gained a lot of popularity among the younger generations as well.

The question” how to stop losing concentration during a round of golf” is common because to play the game, one needs to have strong mental discipline, concentration, and focus because it’s a very long game. Golf is unique compared to other games as it does not only entertain, but it also instills various virtues in the players.

Playing golf can train a person to be mentally disciplined, patient, and improve focus and concentration when necessary.

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