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will an oversized grip improve your golf game

why oversized grips improve your golf gameThere are several pieces of golf equipment that come together to complete what is required to enjoy a full round of golf. One of the most important items in the bag are golf clubs and much consideration is given to the size of the clubhead, the angle of the club, and the length of the shaft. However, one of the most overlooked aspects of the golf club is the grip. Why does the diameter of your golf club grip matter and why oversized golf grips improve your game?


Why Grip Diameter Matters

The first thing you must check in terms of the grip is the quality. Clearly, a worn-out or slippery grip is going to hinder your game and must be replaced immediately. That is easy to spot but grip diameter is something that is more difficult to determine, especially for beginner golfers.

Grip diameter matters because it will have a direct impact on how well you swing the golf club. For example, if the grip size is too small this can lead to hooking the golf ball. If the group size is too big it can lead to a reduction in swing speed and regular slicing of the ball.

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It is important to note that every player is different and the size of the grip can affect swings in different ways. The majority of golf clubs will come with a standard grip and most players will never consider changing this to a larger size. Players will work hard on all aspects of their game and change their equipment but the grip continues to be overlooked, despite being crucial.

So, it is easy to see why grip diameter matters but in terms of the oversized grip, how can this improve your game? Firstly, we must take a closer look at the oversize grip, how to apply it to the club, and who should be using this grip on their golf clubs.

How To Achieve An Oversized Grip?

Most golf professionals will achieve an oversized grip by adding tape under or over a standard grip. Every little detail counts when playing on the professional tour and players have the time to add tape to their grip in order to produce the precise oversized grip they require for their game.

However, the amateur and casual golfer will not have the time or coaching to add tape to their grip in this way. Therefore, the best way to achieve an oversized grip is to purchase one, either from a club shop, golf store, or online. The method of applying an oversized golf grip is the same as a standard grip but if you are unsure, you can ask a member of staff at the golf store or a golf instructor to help you out.

Why Should You Try Oversized Golf Grips?

There are three main reasons why you should try using an oversized golf grip. Ultimately, you will only know if an oversized grip is for you by trying it but if any of the following points relate to you, then you are highly likely to benefit from using one.

Medical Reasons

If you suffer from joint pain or arthritis, an oversized golf grip can help. Using a bigger grip will feel more comfortable and you can address the ball without any pain in your hands. An oversized grip also absorbs more of the impact when hitting the ball thus providing more relief to the hands.

This not only allows people who have perhaps considered quitting golf because of pain in their hands to continue playing but it also improves the game of those who have been suffering due to joint pain.

For players who have been struggling to play a round of golf due to joint pain or arthritis, can you imagine what it would be like to enjoy a round without having to worry about the pain in your hands? An oversized golf grip can help and will allow you to focus on playing a great shot rather than worrying about the pain you are going to feel in your hands every time you hit the ball.

Big Hands

This may seem obvious but for players with big hands, it makes sense to use an oversized grip. As highlighted above, if you find you are regularly hooking the ball and despite working on the fault on the range, it is not really improving, it may be time to look at the grip.

If the grip of the club is too small for your hands, this can lead to a ‘wristy’ shot and loss of control. Rather than trying to grip the club harder or open the face of the club more at address to compensate, why not try a bigger grip? Gripping the club too hard can lead to several errors and poor ball trajectory.

If you attempt to change the way you hold or swing the club to combat the fact you have big hands, it is only going to lead to more problems further down the line. By simply installing an oversized grip on your golf clubs it can lead to an immediate improvement in your game without having to make significant adjustments to the way you hold and swing the club.

Personal Preference

Having tried several ways to improve your game you may find using an oversized grip feels more comfortable and helps with your swing.

There are no real scientific benefits to you for using an oversized golf grip but it just feels good in your hands. Bubba Watson is a player on the PGA Tour who has been using an oversized grip purely because he likes the feel of it in his hands and believes it gives him more control.

There does not have to be a specific reason why you decide to use an oversized grip. If you try it, the grip feels comfortable and you can play your shots with confidence, that is as good a reason as any.

Will An Oversized Grip Work On A Putter?

When it comes to adding a new grip to golf clubs, players often neglect the putter because it does not feel as though this is getting the same amount of use as other clubs. You may not swing the putter in the same way as you do any other club in the bag but if you count up the total number of shots played during an average round, chances are you are using the putter more than any other club. Therefore, it is important you have the correct grip on your putter because this is where shots are often gained or lost.

Many experts now believe that beginner and amateur players should try using an oversized grip on the putter. One of the major mistakes please make win using the putter is an overuse of the hands. This causes the putter to swing through an incorrect line, sending the ball on the wrong line and missing the putt.

It can also lead to inconsistencies with speed and this can mean leaving the ball short of the hole or over hitting the shot and seeing the ball roll beyond the hole.

To achieve a solid putting stroke there must be little movement in the wrists and hands. An oversized putter grip can help achieve this by stabilizing the wrist and keeping the intended line of the putt throughout the stroke.

There is no better feeling in golf than stepping onto the green knowing you are in complete control of your putter. Having the confidence of making a good, controlled putt every time you are on the green can make a huge difference to your game and bring down your score.

Why An Oversized Grip Can Improve Your Game?

Considering all the information above, there are many reasons why an oversized grip can improve your game. If you are suffering from pain in your hands when playing shots, an oversized golf grip can make holding the club and striking the ball more comfortable. If you are playing without any pain in your hands, it is only going to lead to improvements in your ball striking and score.

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If you are applying too much pressure to the golf club because your hands are too big for the standard grip, it may be time to invest in an oversized grip. Doing so will ease the pressure you are applying to the club and allow for a true swing, without the wrists coming heavily into play.

You may find that by using an oversized grip you feel more comfortable using the club. There is no technical reason why this is the case, it simply feels good to you and the resulting shots are great as a result.

Oversized grips are often being pre-installed on putters, so when you purchase your next putter it may come complete with an oversized grip. Casual players find using an oversized grip on the putter aids in keeping the wrists and hands in place throughout the shot.

So, there are several reasons why oversized grips can improve your game. They are cheap and easy to install. If you believe any of the factors above apply to you then it may be worth trying an oversized grip.

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